Tanisha's Marrakech Adventure

 NYE in Marrakech (4 Days from Washington, D.C.) 

4 day custom itinerary with camel riding, food tours, waterfall visit and a stay in a traditional riad.

This is a preview of the itinerary.

You Me Travel Co


Wakeup in Marrakech. Shake off the jet leg and get ready to hit the city. Welcome to your home for the next few days where the bustling medina is your backyard.

Get out of your comfort zone by exploring your neighborhood. Interact with locals, haggle with merchants in the winding souks and sip fresh juice in the town square.

You Me Travel Co Marrakech Itinerary

Day 2 - Desert Trekkin'

Let your heart lead the way today. Find yourself amongst the desert camels, quad biking and at a local's home enjoying a homemade lunch.

Our friends tour offers an authentic experience that doesn't feel like a tour. Best part? Photographs are included so that you don't have to stop living in the moment.

Cafe Des Epices (old medina) - Head here for lunch in the heart of the bustling medina. Affordable eats in a modern atmosphere & al freso rooftop dining. 


Day 3 

When you step foot outside of the hectic medina, things change. See Marrakech differently with charming shops without the haggling, lounges and top restaurants. Being here will feel like home until you spot donkeys and carriages. Get lost amongst the culture of the new city- you won't regret it. 

Jardin Majorelle

A beautiful garden perfect for exploring in the new town. Rich, deep hues fills the space with architectural gems and plants galore. Although this place is popular amongst tourists, there is still space for serene moments.