How it works


Share your travel preferences

Do you like hotels or Airbnb? Want to hike a mountain or join a food tour. We'll send you a quick questionnaire asking what you'd like to do, eat and see. This is your chance to tell us that you love street food and how much you can't wait to hit the beach. Your needs, tailor-made. 


Where the magic happens

Kick back with a cold one while we research, plan and hand-craft the perfect trip for you. We'll sift through online reviews so you don't have to. Along the way, you can chat with your concierge and even get sneak peeks of your itinerary. 


Travel curated and stress-free

You finally have your itinerary in hand. Now it's time to make those final reservations and bookings- your concierge can help with that. We'll send your final itinerary with custom suggestions, links and top tips in a PDF so that you can download it to your phone for easy access during your trip.